Sponsorship With The CWIRA

The Central Wisconsin Ice Racing Association (CWIRA) is a sanctioned organization that has been running motorcycle and A.T.V. races throughout Wisconsin for the past 40+ years. There are typically 8 races per season and approximately 200 entries per race. Each race is usually a one-day outing and takes place on Sundays in January and February. We take pride in the fact that CWIRA draws participants of all ages and is a fun-filled day for the entire family. The races attract large crowds, providing exciting and beneficial opportunities for sponsors.

Sponsorships are welcome in the form of money or merchandise, and can be either a general sponsorship or specifically for one of the premier classes. If you choose to sponsor one of the premier classes, all money received will be used specifically for that class to increase the weekly payout to our racers. Premier classes are as follows: Open Pro Motorcycle, Open Pro Quad, Open Pro GP Studded Quad, Open Pro GP Motorcycle, and Outlaw Pro Rubber ATV.

Central Wisconsin Ice Racing Association

CWIRA Membership
6120 Birchwood Lane
Weston, WI.  54476

CWIRA Sponsorship
928 Mehan Drive
Plover, WI. 54497

Phone/Text:  715-212-6340

Email: cwirainfo@gmail.com


CEO - Carl Spurling
COO - William "MotoBill" Bell
CFO - Jeremy Flees
TEC - Bob Reinwand


Rubber Quad: 
Scott Geldernick/Mike Przybylski
Studded Quad:
Colin Wilcott/Graham Eichmiller

Joel Bayerl/Greg Barth