What's The Deal With Rider Numbers?

WE NEED TO SCORE EVENTS CORRECTLY - So we have rules on numbers.  Solid black numbers on white backrounds and only one of any number per class.  Try correctly scoring a bunch of machines at 60+ in a snow cloud any you will know why we do it this way.  We understand the investment some riders have in graphics as well as their own racing traditions so we will reserve numbers from season to season for CWIRA Members ONLY.  If you have a number from last year it will be reserved until the membership meeting - after that it will be available to anyone.  To see what numbers are reserved check the link below - any number shown IN RED IS ALREADY TAKEN.  To reserve a number join the CWIRA as a member but DON'T WAIT - It's a FCFS world.

Minor Annual Waiver

This Is a PDF File

ALL MINORS NEED TO BE WAIVERED TO BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.  Here is the form, Parents/Guardians need a notarized signature on it to make it valid.  Also available at race entry.

2020 CWIRA Annual Membership

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Reserve your numbers!  Support the CWIRA!  All good reasons, but this way you won't have to pay the $10 "One-Day" membership each week.  Remember we are a club based Association and membership gets you a vote at the meetings.  To see the current available Rider Numbers, use the "Race Day Forms" menu at the top of the page.

2020 Race Day Entry Form

This Is A PDF File

These will be available at Race Entry, but why wait?  Print this out and have it ready before you get there for fastest service (no really, spend less time standing around in line!).  This is also a good way to review your available classes.

Central Wisconsin Ice Racing Association

CWIRA Membership
6120 Birchwood Lane
Weston, WI.  54476

CWIRA Sponsorship
928 Mehan Drive
Plover, WI. 54497

Phone/Text:  715-212-6340

Email: cwirainfo@gmail.com


CEO - Carl Spurling
COO - William "MotoBill" Bell
CFO - Jeremy Flees
TEC - Bob Reinwand


Rubber Quad: 
Scott Geldernick/Mike Przybylski
Studded Quad:
Colin Wilcott/Graham Eichmiller

Joel Bayerl/Greg Barth